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Meet The Farm

Meet The Farm

Some of you may know me, probably most of the people reading this are related to me, but if you don’t then WELCOME! On one of my favorite podcasts, One Bad Mother the hosts always ask their guests, “Who lives in your house?”. For me that is an awfully long list and I thought maybe you would like to meet all the wonderful people, and animals that call Foxden Farms home.

Let’s start with the things that get to live inside the house. My wonderful husband, Joey, and our amazing toddler, Philip, are the main contributors of noise and mess around here. Not quite sure which one is worse, but one is much better at cleaning than the other! Then you have our oldest pet, Fea, she is a rescue cat that is always ready for a snuggle. Next is Duke, the lab mix. This gentle giant came into our lives just before we got married and he continues to act like he’s our first “child”. Last but definitely not least is Moose, the three-legged rescue mutt. She is one of the goofiest dogs I’ve ever had, and you wouldn’t know she was missing a leg at all by the way she catches gofers in the field.

 Philip with Train

Then we move to the outside critters. I’ll start with the chickens since these were the first “farm” animals we got when we moved here. Although we don’t have very good luck with egg laying chickens there are always a couple running around the yard getting into something. During the summers we have anywhere from 50 to 100 meat birds at any given time. These guys are probably the most fun to watch run around hunting for bugs! This year we will also be getting turkeys again after taking a summer off from raising them. I can’t wait till those little dinosaurs get here!

Then comes the star of the show, The Goats, where all that wonderful milk for the soaps comes from! I won’t name them all, yes they all have names and sometimes I get them confused, but Joey remembers them all somehow, but Addy and Nelly were our first two goats, followed instantly by Meg, and Daisy. The two largest and two smallest goats in our herd all arrived on the same day and boy was that interesting. A story for a different day though. We haven’t really decided what breed we want to focus on, so we basically have a few of everything! Currently we have 17 does (girls), 3 breeding bucks (boys), 2 bucks that will be going to the butcher, 1 whether (non-breeding buck), and two little kids that were born just about a month ago. One boy and one girl! These guys were a nice surprise, but the rest of the does should have their babies around July or August. Follow us on Instagram @foxdenfarmsnd for lots of cute baby goat picture!


The two largest members of the farm are Bella and Altivo, the horses. These two have been the biggest learning curve and the most fun for us. Although Joey had never ridden a horse until the day we purchased them, we are slowly becoming better riders and hopefully one day Philip will enjoy them as much as we do.


The newest member of the farm is Tommy. Tommy the tom cat came to us from a friend and neighbor (Thank you Susan!) and he is THE nicest barn kitty ever. This giant hunter will follow Philip around the yard all day long looking for a scratch behind the ear! He has also solved our tweety bird and mouse problems, hopefully!


Well there you have it, every member of the Foxden Farms family. I hope you have enjoyed getting to know all the characters that help make this little farm a huge part of our lives and hopefully also a small part of yours! For more farm stories and exclusive offers subscribe to our newsletter!